The relationship between Man, Mountain and Technology

In an Alpine region like South Tyrol, the population is constantly exposed to various natural hazards. Avalanches, floods, falling rocks and extreme weather conditions have led to the development of specific skills in managing these natural hazards in the provincial territory. In South Tyrol, knowledge in this sector has been handed down through the generations, and today the ongoing development of skills in the Alpine environment is guaranteed by new technologies and innovative approaches.

ABOUT US is a platform dedicated to businesses in South Tyrol, research institutes and experts in skills concerning the Alpine environment. The platform is managed by theEcosystem Sports & Alpine Safety by IDM Südtirol - South Tyrol.
The purpose of the Ecosystem is to create a strategic network among operators in Alpine Technology, one of the areas of excellence in South Tyrol. At the NOI Techpark, the headquarters of the Ecosystem, the foundations are laid for sustainable development of the South Tyrol economic location. A fundamental contribution is made by all those who collaborate with the NOI Technopark, a precious source of innovative energy. Together, we will overcome every challenge, successfully implementing development strategies aimed at the future.



By organising conferences, excursions and round tables, brings together institutions, businesses and start-ups to favour the birth and presentation of innovative solutions and products. Experts in the field, opinion leaders, scientists and final users present or test the various novelties directly on site. helps operators improve their skills in the Alpine environment, creating a network of experts and new technologies. Days

The innoalptec project (FESR1060) is financed by the European Union and by the European regional development fund