Preventing is better than curing. even when it comes to natural hazards. OgEvery Euro invested in prevention makes it possible to save 10 in damage repairs. This awareness has, for some time now, introduced a paradigm shift in managing natural hazards. During the days 2018, technical personnel from the provincial administration, scientists, freelancers, businesses and fire departments will get together to discuss the natural hazards that influence the lifestyle, economy, and working world in South Tyrol.
The Ecosystem Sports & Alpine Safety by IDM Südtirol - South Tyrol has created ALPINE EXPERT DAYS as a meeting point between operators with skills in the Alpine environment.

The event is divided into three sections:

Ecosystem Sports & Alpine Safety is organising the ALPINE EXPERT DAYS 2018 on the 10th anniversary of danger zone planning in South Tyrol, in collaboration with the Civil Protection Agency and the Geology and Materials Testing Office, as well as with the Nature, Landscape and Territorial Development Department and the Forest Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, enjoying the support of the mayors and the Order of engineers, the Order of land surveyors, the Order of agronomists and forestry experts, and the Order of architects. The event has the patronage of the University of Bolzano and of Eurac. The excursion to Chiusa is organised by the Municipality of Chiusa.

The purpose of the ALPINE EXPERT DAYS is to provide advice for the development of new planning objectives in danger zones, to create contacts between researchers, businesses and local authorities, and to propose ideas for new products and design solutions.
The media will be informed of the event and of the results obtained through a press release, as well as through photographic and video material


The innoalptec project (FESR1060) is financed by the European Union and by the European regional development fund