Management of natural hazards in South Tyrol: relationship between man, mountain and technology

In an Alpine region like South Tyrol, the population is constantly facing several natural hazards. The range of hazards goes from avalanches, to floods, to falling rocks. For centuries, therefore, throughout the Alpine area, people have attempted in every possible way to protect inhabited areas and their infrastructures. Already in the Seventeenth century, the population of Galtür in Northern Tyrol had built the first wall for protection against avalanches.

In recent decades, urban areas and infrastructure have developed and changed a lot. In South Tyrol, there are almost 530,000 inhabitants in 2018. As a tourist destination, every year South Tyrol accommodates more than seven million visitors. Almost 40,000 vehicles travel along one of the most important communication routes in Europe, the Brenner motorway, every day.

Starting from these pre-conditions, thinking about sustainable protection against natural hazards is more important than ever. In the relationship between man, mountain and technology, it is necessary to develop new solutions and to react to changes - climate changes foremost. In doing so, collaboration between various partners - from the administration to research institutes and businesses - is fundamentally important.
In order to develop innovative solutions, the know-how of all those involved is at the foundation of everything, and managing to look beyond is essential.

The innoalptec project (FESR1060) is financed by the European Union and by the European regional development fund