Good practice examples have the purpose of clearly and concisely presenting to a broad public the innovations that have been developed in recent years in South Tyrol, and the projects that have started or are about to start. Firstly, it is important to prove how the management of natural hazards reaches far beyond construction works alone. With these examples of good practice, we present the fundamental instruments for modern management of natural hazards:

Moreover, good practice examples can help us prevent rather than cure. Is our management of natural hazards ready to deal with future climate-related challenges? What can we do to avoid climate-related catastrophes? How can businesses draw advantage from this situation, and how can individuals make a contribution?
Thanks to the incessant activity of the various parties involved, there is an ongoing development of new knowledge concerning the individual instruments for modern management of natural hazards and new technologies. The good practice examples are composed of five parts:

  • Description of the initial situation and presentation of the problem based on the latest facts and events
  • Brief description of the good practice example
  • Presentation of the know-how behind the project
  • Focus on the technical peculiarities
  • Presentation of partners involved in the project

The innoalptec project (FESR1060) is financed by the European Union and by the European regional development fund