More safety in the Alpine area
with the virtual training route

Relationship between man, mountain and technology

The Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino Euro-region is one of the most beloved ski mountaineering and freeriding areas in the whole Alpine chain. Each year, thousands of locals and national and international visitors take advantage of the mountains in this Euro-region to practise winter sports. Unfortunately, there are frequent accidents with deaths and injuries. This is a challenge for the rescue organisations, like the Alpine rescue service.
After a few occurrences, like the avalanche in January 2018 that caused the death of two people in Val Venosta, the question to be posed is: Is it possible to avoid these accidents? What can ski mountaineers and freeriders do to increase their own safety? Two of the most important measures to be taken according to experts is a constant awareness and a good preparation of the route.


Good Practice: the Avalanchetrail

Avalanchetrail is a digital test route that helps ski mountaineers and freeriders to plan their route. The purpose of this interactive educational route is to plan the selected route and, during the planning phase, to learn what could happen. The acquired information is then studied closer with further exercises. In this way, Avalanchetrail favours prevention and increases safety in the mountains. Personal skills and awareness in winter sport enthusiasts when facing a risky situation are therefore improved thanks to this digital platform.

The know-how behind the project
The goal was to make it easier to read and understand the various strategic methods linked with snow science. The Alpine rescue service provided its knowledge in the development of the Avalanchetrail, in collaboration with expert mountaineers. Every day, the avalanche prevention service provides updated information
The technology
The Avalanchetrail is a digital test route based on GIS data. Thanks to the XML interface, updated weather data is entered directly into the platform. During the 2018 Civil Protect show, a virtual reality version of the Avalanchetrail was presented. To find out more about the Avalanchetrail, go to:

The experts in our network:

  • Alpenverein Südtirol’s Alpine Rescue Service
  • South Tyrol Alpine and Speleological Rescue Service
  • Alpenverein Südtirol’s Alpine Rescue Service
  • IDM Ecosystem Sport & Alpine Safety
  • mc2alpin
  • Realer
  • Maurizio Lutzenberger

The innoalptec project (FESR1060) is financed by the European Union and by the European regional development fund